What Our Client Says :

This is one of the best trainings I have ever had. I will without hesitation recommend your team to anyone who requires presentation support.
Head Of Research ,  Bank

My wholehearted thanks for your assistance. As someone who had no real background in public speaking before yesterday, I can honestly say that the techniques were a great help and made all the difference. They certainly helped me deal with any nerves and actually have the confidence to enjoy the experience. I think the testimony to your effectiveness appeared in print today in the Bangkok Post, where our message was pretty much completely reported! We were the only one of the four speakers to get our own article.
CEO ,  Services Firm

I didn't believe that I could learn so much in so short an amount of time.
MD ,  Financial Service

I really enjoyed our session it was very useful. I put your advice to the test at our annual D&D last night. I have not had so much positive feedback on a speech of mine...ever! Thank you very much.
Country Manager ,  Supermarket Chain

Ed's coaching and his objective advice on my presentation style helped me become more effective in very quick time. I enjoyed his approach to coaching because it stressed practical application and avoided theory. He focused on customizing the training to suit my immediate need which was to prepare for an event in a context that was new to me. When the official presentation was over, I received very positive feedback about my delivery
CFO ,  FO SGX Listed Company

Briefly, Ed's previously done some work for us in CPE and I think he's fantastic. He is very effective at driving across a few key, but super-effective, pointers and has a personable and humble, yet confident,style that would solicit a positive reaction in most Asian cultures.His session on effective communications was one of the top-rated sessions over the 3-day summit.
Brand Manager ,  Global Software Firm.

Thank you very much for your comments. I very much appreciated your professional style and course. It was the best course that I have ever attended. I will follow your comments in my further presentations.
Associate Director ,  Services Firm

When our public relations firm first recommended the services of Fox-West to assist in the preparation of the IPO we were somewhat skeptical, to your credit your approach worked well for us and we were sold from the first few minutes of the program.

Quite simply, Fox West was the difference in us winning our tender pitch, and not. We learned more in two days with Ed working on a “live” bid then we ever have working in any other presentation training environment
COO ,  Insurance Company

Awesome. This is the first time in 20+ years that I get a personal feedback and reminder after a training session. If at all, the best takeaway for me was the surge of confidence regained and for that I thank you.
Manager ,  Bank